What Is Differentiation In Family Therapy?

What is differentiation in therapy?

Differentiation is the active, ongoing process of defining self, revealing self, clarifying boundaries, and managing the anxiety that comes from risking either greater intimacy or potential separation.

Murray Bowen defined differentiation as the degree of resilience to the interpersonal contagion of anxiety..

What is differentiation of self in Bowen’s theory?

The term self-differentiation was first introduced by Murray Bowen, whose ideas are the basis of family systems therapy. … In other words, it’s self-awareness. On the other hand, interpersonal differentiation is when we can distinguish our experience from the experience of people we are connected to.

How do you differentiate family from origin?

A differentiated person is able to maintain a sense of self (individuality) whilst being in contact with the family of origin. This contact is characterised by observing more, reacting less and being objective. The differentiated person maintains his or her own identity without disowning ties with the family of origin.

What are the basic goals of Bowen’s approach?

The goal of therapy is self-differentiation which must be self-motivated and not initiated by a therapist according to Bowen. Bowen saw the family as an emotional unit, a network of interlocking relationships which are best understood when analyzed from a multigenerational framework.

What is emotional differentiation?

Emotion differentiation (ED) refers to the precision with which people can identify and distinguish their emotions and has been associated with well-being in adults. … Together, these results suggest that a detailed awareness of one’s negative emotional states is an important dimension of well-being, also in adolescence.

How do you practice differentiation?

What differentiated instruction meansDesign lessons based on students’ learning styles.Group students by shared interest, topic, or ability for assignments.Assess students’ learning using formative assessment.Manage the classroom to create a safe and supportive environment.More items…•