Quick Answer: What Can I Use To Cover My Eyes In A Tanning Bed?

How long should you wait to lay in the tanning bed after getting a tattoo?

one to two monthsA: We recommend waiting at least one to two months, depending on how well your tattoo is healing.

One option is to cover your tattoo completely with a white bandage while you are tanning so it’s protected from those harmful rays..

What happens if you don’t wear eye protection in a tanning bed?

When you don’t wear the provided goggles in a tanning bed, you are exposing your eyes to extreme danger. Your eyes may seem fine at first, but you can develop long-term damage to your eyesight over time. … You also may speed up the creation of wrinkles around the eye area if this sensitive skin is exposed to UV rays.

What can tanning beds do to your eyes?

A few of the eye health problems that can result from indoor tanning are cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye, sunburn, and blurry vision. Cataracts and macular degeneration are typically associated with advancing age, but the UV exposure in a tanning bed can dramatically accelerate them.

What can I use to cover a tattoo in a tanning bed?

Cover it up If you absolutely can’t wait for your tattoo to heal before you hit the tanning bed, you can always cover it with a piece of cloth and secure with medical tape. Make sure the cloth is the same shape as your tattoo to limit any skin that’s not part of the tattoo from being covered.

Can I just close my eyes in the tanning bed?

Eyelid cancer accounts for 10% of all skin cancer, with the lower lid being more commonly affected. Therefore it is absolutely important to wear appropriate protective eyewear while tanning and it is not safe to just close your eyes.

Can you open your eyes in a tanning bed with goggles on?

Basically, your eyes can be opened or closed while in the tanning bed, as long as you have goggles on, because the goggles are what’s blocking out the UV rays.

Can you tan after getting a tattoo if you cover it?

New Tattoos and Tanning Beds Before your tattoo has completely healed, it will be sensitive to UV rays (whether real or sunbed.) Once your tattoo has healed UV rays won’t cause fading, and you can expose it to sun or sunbeds like you normally would.

Does tanning fade tattoos?

Yes, tanning beds fade tattoos over time. The concentrated UV rays of tanning beds cause the ink pigment under the skin to break down.

What is the best way to lay in a tanning bed?

Lay on your back inside the tanning bed with your arms and legs spread. Laying with your legs together or with your arms resting against your sides can lead to an uneven or spotty tan. Stretch out your body when you first lay down to ensure all parts of your skin get exposure.

How do you avoid raccoon eyes in a tanning bed?

“Another quick tip is to move your eye protection slightly during the session, which will diminish any possible tan line. We also like to suggest applying a dab of bronzing lotion on the eyelid and under the eye after tanning to help minimize any possible lines eye protection might leave,” enthuses DeWald.

Can I tan without goggles if I close my eyes?

Never use a tanning bed without wearing proper eye protection. Tanning without goggles will slowly, but permanently damage your eyes. There are many people who think they can just close their eyes, and it’s enough to block the UV -b rays. But, the truth is that your eyelids can block just 25% of these rays.

Is it bad to take your phone in the tanning bed?

Yes Ashley, there are serious ramifications here. The ultraviolet rays induced by the tanning bed magnify the high frequency waves in the phone, thus producing what scientists call a Mega-Wav.