Quick Answer: Does Crunch Fitness Have Towels?

What are guest privileges at Crunch Fitness?

UNLIMITED GUEST PRIVILEGES – The ability to bring a friend EACH time you work out FOR FREE.

For the next 100 enrollments this week we are including this awesome feature at our peak membership for $19.95.

(regularly only with our $29.95 membership)..

Can I cancel my Crunch membership over the phone?

To cancel your Crunch Gym membership: Over the phone.. Call 1 (866) 428-9664.

Does Crunch Fitness have saunas?

Crunch Fitness – Sauna is HOT!

Does Crunch Fitness have a dress code?

Proper clothing and footwear must be worn in all group fitness classes. CRUNCH reserves the right to change the group fitness schedule at any time including the addition or deletion of classes, as well as changes in instructors, class times and length of classes.

Is Crunch Fitness a good gym?

Prices for Crunch Fitness vary by location, but it’s one of the most affordable gym memberships out there no matter how you slice it. You’ll pay more to access the group classes, which are a huge fan favorite, but even at the base membership level you’ll find good equipment selection and decent amenities at Crunch.

Is crunch better than LA Fitness?

The difference between Crunch and LA Fitness? Crunch will likely cost a little less, but you’ll get more for your buck at LA Fitness. At higher membership levels, Crunch has comparable equipment and classes to LA Fitness, but if you want a pool, childcare, or other amenities, you’ll want to join LA.

How much do Crunch Fitness owners make?

The median number of members for a Crunch Fitness is 6,440 and they create gross sales of $1,906,306 and median operating profit of $444,449. That’s a per unit median!

How much is Crunch Fitness a month?

It gives you access to all 24 of the Crunch Fitness facilities across the US. The membership is offered at a price of $109.99/month. If you pre-pay for an entire year the membership will cost you $989.91, a 25% discount. If you pay annually, you end up saving almost $30 a month!

What is HydroMassage at Crunch Fitness?

HydroMassage gives members the benefits of massage, without the inconveniences of getting undressed. HydroMassage beds and lounges use heated water to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. … However, many members visit the gym just to use the HydroMassage beds and lounges between workouts.

What equipment does Crunch Fitness have?

Equipment. Crunch Fitness: You’ll find pretty much everything you need, equipment-wise, at Crunch Fitness. These gyms usually have an absolute ton of cardio, along with a well-stocked dumbbell rack and free weights to go along with a power rack or two.

How much does it cost to cancel Crunch membership?

Crunch Fitness Cancellation Process Anyone who cancels at the gym will need to provide a written notice and pay a $175 cancellation fee. If you cancel your membership before a year is up, you will also need to pay an extra $25 early cancellation fee.

Is Planet Fitness owned by Crunch?

The agreement is with Jorge Roldan, CEO of Team Roldan, LLC. Roldan is a fitness-industry franchising expert who most recently launched, owned and operated five Planet Fitness locations, which he sold in 2016. … Founded in 2010, Crunch is the fitness industry’s fastest-growing high-value, low-price offering.

Does Crunch Fitness hire felons?

Does crunch fitness hire felons? Yes, they run a background check.

How much is Crunch Fitness annual fee?

Annual – An annual fee of only $39.90 will be charged on the closest billing Friday after 90 days from your Agreement date, and annually each year the Membership is in effect.

Can Crunch members bring guests?

Member and Guest must arrive and depart at the same time. Members are not allowed to bring in Guests once they have registered a swipe to enter the club. Guests must be over the age of 18 & not a current Crunch member. Guests must complete the guest register and show a valid ID upon entry.

What is monthly with contract crunch?

Price and Contracts Crunch offers month-to-month contracts, which are great for people who are unsure about how long they will be committed to a fitness routine. Some locations offer a $9.95 month-to-month membership with no contract, although this deal is only available to users in certain areas.

Which gym has the most locations in the US?

Anytime FitnessAnytime Fitness: This is my top pick for gym chains for travelers. You’ll have access to more than 3,000 locations worldwide, more than any other chain.