Question: Why Are Apple Cables So Expensive?

Will Apple give me a new mac charger for free?

Apple will replace those cables for free if you bring them into an Apple Store or contact Apple Support.

Apple will provide a new, redesigned USB-C charge cable, free of charge, to all eligible customers..

Does using a non Apple charger?

Using a Non-Apple Charger is Dangerous. They say that charging your iPhone with non-Apple brand cell phone cables can damage your device. This is only half true. … Just avoid using cheap knockoff cables and chargers as oftentimes they are less expensive due to a lack of safety mechanisms in the internal circuitry.

Does Apple replace your charger cable for free?

No. Apple won’t replace a damaged charging cable. But before going out to an Apple Store to buy, yet, another charging cable from Apple, look for better quality charging cables at local electronics stores that carry Apple products OR look online from Amazon for thicker, better quality cables.

Why do Apple Chargers break so easily?

Speaking of bends, one of the most common causes of cable breakage is by being squashed and bent by furniture, tension, or gravity. The point where the plug connector meets the cable is the most likely place for it to fray, so when you accidentally jam something against it, there’s a high chance of damage over time.

Why is MagSafe so expensive?

High quality construction, proprietary technology, and high margins. The MagSafe adapter is extremely well-made and it holds up incredibly well. Those cheap knockoffs you can buy for half the price are poorly made and dangerous; there’s a reason they are so cheap.

Do off brand MacBook chargers work?

Technically, using a non-Apple charger without Apple’s written permission may also void your warranty if anything did go wrong. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. Even an Apple charger can damage a Mac.

Is it better to use Apple Chargers?

iPhones use slightly different wireless charging to Android devices, so it’s crucial that you look for PD (Power Delivery) if fast charging matters to you as that’s the one Apple’s iPhones use. Without it, a fast charger won’t charge, er, fastly.

How do I clean my mac charger?

To clean the MagSafe connector and pin area, disconnect the adapter from the wall outlet and from the computer. Remove debris gently with a cotton swab or a soft bristle toothbrush. Be careful not to get any cotton fibers stuck in the pin receptacle and to not bend or otherwise damage any of the pins.

Does it matter what charger I use for my macbook?

For the best charging experience, you should use the USB-C charge cable that comes with your Mac notebook. … USB-C cables rated for 29W or 30W will work with any USB-C power adapter, but won’t provide enough power when connected to a power adapter that is more than 61W, such as the 96W USB-C Power Adapter.

How can I charge my Macbook Pro without a magsafe charger?

Easiest macbook pro to charge without magsafe charger are those macbook pros with removable batteries (early 2009 and before). Just locate positive and negative terminal on the battery, and hook it up to lithium ion battery charger with same voltage rating.

Can I use iPhone charger for MacBook?

The same adapter can be used to charge either system, although the smaller version will charge the battery slower. … Plugged into USB-C on the new MacBook Pro models (or its higher watt power adapter), both iPhones and iPad will charge as fast as they can (but no faster).