Question: What Is Full Form Of HL?

What is the meaning of HL?

HL means “Happy Landings (good luck)”..

What does HL stand for in school?

designated honors-level coursesDesignated International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. College courses (CL); applies only to UC-transferable college courses. UC-approved school-designated honors-level courses (HL)

What is HL in medicine?

HL as a Disease HL: Another name for Hodgkin’s Disease (or close medical condition association). »Introduction: Hodgkin’s Disease. »Symptoms of Hodgkin’s Disease.

What is LL and HL?

H = high gearing for normal driving on hard ground rain or shine . HL = high gearing locked centre diff for high speed with poor traction , on snow or mud or gravel maybe . LL = low gearing and locked centre diff for extreme off road .

What does HL stand for in address?


What does IB mean on TikTok?

to credit that personThe first possible meaning of IB is ‘inspired by’. If someone is making a TikTok video that had previously already been done by another account, they may be using the IB acronym to credit that person.

What does LL and HL mean Reddit?

From the sidebar, HL means “higher”, LL means “lower”. Only relative “libido” is involved.

What does HL stand for in law?

house of Law Dictionary & Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd Ed. An abbreviation for house of lords. Related Legal Terms & Definitions. HOUSE OF LORDS Eng.

Is Au both ears?

AD: right ear. AOM: acute otitis media. … AS: left ear. AU: both ears.

What does dL mean in science?

decilitreA decilitre (or deciliter), abbreviated dL or dl, is one tenth of a litre, or 10^? 4 m^3, or 100 millilitre. The SI prefix “deci” stands for one-tenth.

What is the medical abbreviation for diagnosis?

List of medical abbreviations: DAbbreviationMeaningDWdextrose in waterD5W5% dextrose in waterDX Dx dxdiagnosisDXADual-energy X-ray absorptiometry110 more rows

What does DB mean sexually?

bondage and disciplineabbreviation. bondage and discipline: used in reference to practices involving physical restraint and punishment, especially in a sexual encounter or relationship.

What is HH HL LH LL in forex?

HH/HL/LH/LL is talking about swings withing bigger swings. You’d need to define mathematically what is the minimum number of candles in each of these swings. For example, you could say major downswing has ended if price has formed a low that has 10 higher lows on each side of it.