Question: What Is A Good 100 Free Time?

What is a good 100 yard swim pace?

Competitive Swim Distances Pacing Chart100 yds200 yds600 yds1:202:408:001:252:508:301:303:009:001:353:109:3016 more rows•May 1, 2020.

What is the fastest 100 free?

The short course world record in the 100m free is currently held by 6’8” Amaury Leveaux of France, who swam a stunning 44.94 at the European Short Course Championships in Rijeka, Croatia in December 2008.

What is a good time for 50 free?

A bad time would probably be around 50–60 seconds, which isn’t necessarily bad but it is definitely much slower than an average freestyle swimmer. An average time would probably be around 40–45 seconds give or take. And lastly a good freestyle time would be 35 or below.

What is a good 200 time?

If you can do 2:00 for a 200 free, then I’d guess you should be somewhere around 2:20 for a 200 IM. (assuming your free is your best stroke, but the others aren’t far behind). Of course, most of us have a bad stroke in there somewhere.

Is 30 seconds good for 200m?

Anything under 30 seconds is respectable. If you are a competitive sprinter, under 26 seconds is very respectable. … I understand that in a 200m race, athletes usually sprint the 2nd 100 meters faster than if they were sprinting the 100m race itself.

What is the average time for a 200m swim?

It depends on your skill. A new swimmer may struggle doing so, and a lot of them couldn’t make it without stopping in the middle. An intermediate swimmer would probably take about four to five minutes, while a trained swimmer could take less than three. The world record is 1:42:00, held by Paul Biedermann.

What is a good 100 breast time?

So what you are probably looking at is around a 1:20 in a 100 breaststroke for high school meets. Secondly, it depends on where you are in the US. Some states, like Florida and California, have a greater number of fast swimmers.

How can I improve my 100 freestyle time?

Improve Your 100 Freestyle with this Epic Race Pace SetWARM-UP. 500 swim mixer. 400 Kick with a board; every 4th 25 Fast. 300 Pull Lung buster (breathing 3, 5, 7 strokes by 100.) … MAIN SET. For the fast 50s, the goal is hitting the second 50m of your 100m freestyle. 40×50 Free swim as… 16@1:00 every 4th Fast. … WARM-DOWN. 10×50 backstroke swim recovery @1. More Stuff Like This: