Question: Can You Bring A Friend To Workout Anytime?

How much is a guest pass at Anytime Fitness?

At Anytime Fitness, visitor passes are free; you can go into any Anytime Fitness office and request to experiment with the gym with a 3-day visitor pass..

Can I bring a guest to 24 Hour Fitness?

Yes. Friends or guests (18 or over, or 12 years old with an adult) should set up their free 3-day pass at before they come. If you are a member and have an active 12-month Buddy Pass, you may add a guest to your workout reservation or simply bring them with you to the club.

Can I bring a friend to Inshape?

Children must be on a membership (along with a current photo) and may only be checked in or out by their parent or legal guardian on the same membership. Members may not bring cousins, friends or children they are baby sitting even if the child is on another membership.

Can you bring a guest to 10 Gym?

Guest Policy Preferred Members may bring one guest per day for free. Guest must be 18 years or older and show Photo I.D.

What is a buddy pass at 24 Hour Fitness?

To encourage 24 Hour Fitness members to keep their memberships, the chain is giving them a choice of one of these “Thank You Offers”: A one-month dues credit. A “buddy pass” for a year. 90-day access for a friend or family member.

Is Anytime Fitness charging during Covid 19?

Anytime Fitness While clubs are closed, memberships have been frozen, meaning no customer should be charged during the coronavirus crisis. … Local clubs will contact members when owners decide to reopen.

How does Anytime Fitness know if you bring a guest?

I used to work at an Anytime Fitness. … A separate surveillance system stores footage of everyone entering and leaving the gym as well as a log of breaches that is usually multiple people entering at a time or someone holding the door for too long.

How often can you bring a guest to 24 Hour Fitness?

Guest privileges only apply to the home club of the member. The Club reserves the right to charge a guest fee to member. Guest fees are subject to change without notice. A non-premium member guest is limited to one (1) visit per month or three (3) times in any 12-month period.

Does 24 Hour Fitness offer student discounts?

Yes! 24 Hour Fitness has an educational discount available to students.