Can A Mentor Be Younger Than You?

What do you gain from peer mentoring?

Peer mentors increase their own social and professional networks.

Peer mentors get the opportunity to develop mentoring skills that are essential in both academic and other careers.

Experience as a peer mentor demonstrates leadership and departmental citizenship qualities to future employers..

Do and don’ts of mentoring?

Be explicit about the ‘norms’ for your meetings and your own needs and limits (e.g., time, style of interfacing, etc.). Always ask if you can make a suggestion or offer feedback. Tell your mentee that you don’t expect them to follow all of your suggestions. Expect your mentee to move toward his/her goals; not yours.

What does a peer mentor do?

Peer mentors provide education, recreation and support opportunities to individuals. The peer mentor may challenge the mentee with new ideas, and encourage the mentee to move beyond the things that are most comfortable. Most peer mentors are picked for their sensibility, confidence, social skills and reliability.

How do you teach someone older than you?

5 Tips for Managing Someone Older Than YouDon’t try to come in and dominant them.Be inclusive.Avoid pointing out age differences.Be credible.Find a mentor.

How long should you mentor someone?

Some believe that the relationship should last no more than three to six months, others believe that mentoring is a long-term process where an individual is supported over a number of years to realise their true potential.

What can a mentee offer a mentor?

The mentor should be open, direct and honest and provide an objective perspective. The mentor is also there to hold the mentee accountable and remind them of their overall business goals. Offering positive but sincere feedback will keep the mentee motivated.

What skills do you need to be a peer mentor?

As you will by now be able to appreciate, becoming a peer mentor will give you a lot of transferable listening.cultural awareness.setting up meetings and enabling discussion.facilitating problem solving.

Why should I mentor someone?

1. Become a better leader. Learning how to work with people to whom you don’t have a natural connection, demonstrating patience with those in need of guidance and support, helping people figure out the best path forward: all trademarks of a great leader AND skills honed through mentoring.

What qualities make a good peer mentor?

Consider these seven key qualities that can help you become an effective mentor.Ability and willingness to communicate what you know. … Preparedness. … Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen. … Honesty with diplomacy. … Inquisitiveness. … Objectivity and fairness. … Compassion and genuineness.

Do peer mentors get paid?

To filter salaries for Peer Mentor, Sign In or Register. To filter salaries for Peer Mentor, Sign In or Register….Peer Mentor Salaries.Job TitleSalaryTeleperformance Peer Mentor salaries – 2 salaries reported$13/hr19 more rows

What is reverse mentoring?

Reverse mentoring pairs younger employees with executive team members to mentor them on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance. This approach has precedent: in the late 1990s, GE’s Jack Welch used reverse mentoring to teach senior executives about the internet.

What are the 3 A’s of mentorship?

Below are three key roles that I’ve learned are important to the success of the mentor-mentee relationship.Role 1: Consultant. This is the most obvious role for a mentor to play. … Role 2: Counselor. Listen. … Role 3: Cheerleader.

What are the four main stages of mentoring?

Successful mentoring relationships go through four phases: preparation, negotiating, enabling growth, and closure. These sequential phases build on each other and vary in length.

How old should a mentor be?

In the two years since launching, Bergelson found that for best results, you should look for mentors about three to eight years older than you. Mentors in that slightly older range have recently surmounted the obstacles their younger mentees are facing.

How do you mentor someone older than you?

The challenge a younger person faces if they want to be a trusted mentor to someone older than them, is that it takes time to build trust….5 Ways to Be a Trusted Mentor to OthersGet to know them on a personal level. … Acknowledge their experiences. … Listen more than you speak. … Own up to your mistakes.More items…•

What qualifies you to be a mentor?

Qualifications of an effective mentor Adequate expertise in the student’s area of study or the willingness to become familiar with the literature. Willingness to devote time and energy to advisees above and beyond normal faculty responsibilities. Be approachable and accessible.

Why is peer mentoring important?

A peer mentor can help an incoming student become established in the community (with advice on housing, shopping, finding campus health, childcare, leisure-time activities, etc.). … A peer mentor can help students understand program expectations or policies.