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Most Unique Social Media Marketing Examples

Social media marketing uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in promoting products and services. About 40% of the population is on social media. Social media platforms have also provided analytics tools which are used in analyzing social media marketing. Only a few businesses use social media marketing. For those businesses which use social media marketing, they need to employ modern tactics in order to effectively promote their products. The businesses which offer special products and services are also supposed to embrace creative methods of social media marketing. You need to see the following examples of outstanding methods of marketing on social media.

The first creative social media technique has been done by Flow Waterjet. Waterjet cutting is the use of water and abrasive substance under high pressure in cutting various materials. Despite the fact that waterjet cutting is a new technology, a waterjet cutting company should be creative on social media. During Halloween, Flow Waterjet posted a video of waterjet being used in cutting a pumpkin on social media.

The second creative social media marketing example is Wendy’s. You need to visit the Wendy’s Twitter account in order to realize how creative Wendy’s is. This company does not fear competition. On the twitter page, you will be able to identify that Wendy’s has tagged other fast food chains.

Tesla is definitely creative in social media marketing. The CEO of this company has a lot of social media followers. A CEO is not supposed to be silent on social media. The 23.4 million Elon Musk followers have made Tesla be successful. Tesla has only about 3 million Twitter followers.

Burger King is another good example of a creative company in social media marketing. The Nightmare King made Burger King creative in social media marketing. After eating the Nightmare, you could get nightmares since the sandwich was made by the help of a sleep specialist. You can see this website that has what people had to say about the Nightmare King.

Another example of creative social media marketing has been done by Apartements.com. Jeff Goldblum who has a lot of influence on social media has made Apartments.com toe creative in social media marketing. A celebrity may assist a business in doing social media marketing.

Dollar Shave Club is another creative company in social media marketing. The company uses the best social media platforms in marketing the shaving razors. Dollar Shave Club has been active on YouTube.

Lego has done a creative social media marketing. Lego is a company which manufactures toys. Lego recently made some posts on social media where it used toys to represent the royal wedding. You can click here to view these creative posts Lego made.